Watercolour Classes Equipment List

Student or Artist Quality TUBE Paint

A cool and warm of each primary colour eg:

  • Ultramarine Blue (warm)-we will get through plenty of this. *
  • Cobalt Blue (cool)
  • Cerulean Blue (cool)
  • phylo or similar bright and staining blue/turquoise (cool) *
  • Cadmium Red (warm)
  • Quinacridone Gold (warm)
  • Alizarin Crimson or other cool red (cool) *
  • Raw Sienna or yellow ochre (warm) *
  • Lemon Yellow or Aureolin (cool)
  • Viridian or Cobalt Turquoise (cool) *
  • Burnt Sienna (warm) *
  • Raw Umber (cool)

1. Saunders, Langton, Arches, Fabriano rough 300 gms (100% cotton) or student eg.Bockingford, rough 300gms (paper pulp) You will need the equivalent of at least one full sheet per day(ie.54x76cm)divided up into half or quarters. If you buy in a block or pad then A3 size x 2 per day will be enough. The workshop normally includes exercises followed by a finished painting. Any size will do for the exercises or the back of old paintings and then decent paper and approx one A3 or "half a sheet" for the main painting. Please be careful not to bring along old paper as it goes blotchy and this can happen after only 2 years.
2. Sketch pad or note pad

Small and medium pointed round mops or equivalent, one large enough to cover large areas with few strokes, plus synthetic med-small pointed detail brush and a small flat half centimeter synthetic brush for lifting.

Palette - if you haven't got a palette with plenty of mixing space then a white dinner plate is fine.

Art Board
Piece of ply or Gater Board (plastic coated foam core-get from art suppliers)

Painting board prop...some easels are too upright
If you haven’t got an easel then use a small length 4x2” wood to prop art board

Spray Bottle-optional -Any size,cheap/empty from home to fill with water.

Masking Tape-preferably buff colour - Approximately 1” wide, cheap high or medium tack to tape paper to board and divide paper up for exercises-sometimes the coloured tape drops off certain types of board.
Water Container

B, plus a heavier pencil such as 4/6B.

Kneedable Putty Eraser and ruler

Craft Knife - optional

Box of tissues or rag and a small piece of flat kitchen sponge

This is only a suggestion list intended as the basic requirements but feel free to bring what you usually use.

Queries: ring me on 00 64 (0)6 370 2440 or email me for more details.

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