A Watercolour World First? - Collaborative painting in Bathurst

Jacky Pearson has taught watercolour in Australia, England, India, Belgium, the Netherlandsand at many venues around New Zealand.
In July 2018 she taught at The Art Scene Mitchell Winter School in Bathurst, Australia. The week comprises classes in drawing, print-making, oils, pastels, watercolour, mixed media with 27 tutors. As part of the evening social entertainment and fundraising, seven of the tutors painted a 1 metre by 1.5 metre watercolour. The team were David Taylor, Chan Dissanayake, Joe Cartwright, Robert Knight, John Haycraft, Jacky and Jane Blundell.

The group met to consider their subject and plan the action. They pored over a variety of photos and selected one of William Street in central Bathurst, with a moody early morning atmosphere and the church spire as a focal point. John was assigned the task of drawing and the rest split into pairs to tackle the painting. Robert and Joe did the underpainting, Jacky took the background buildings, church and central island with Jane painting the large side trees; David and Chan did the cars and added tones to the large trees. Finally David and Jacky washed in the foreground shadows. The painting was signed by all seven.

There was no rehearsal. Jacky described the team as all chiefs and no Indians. The painting took about an hour with much politeness and diplomacy. Jane gave a running commentary to keep the 300 strong audience bubbling, augmented with much side-line banter from the other twenty tutors!

The sale of the painting raised $7500 (AUD), enough for seven scholarships. Paul Malouf, director of the school, donates these scholarships to people in physical or mental strife who need their spiritsraised by the wonder of creating artworks.

David Taylor suggested that a single watercolour created by a team of seven may be a world first!

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