24th-30th June 2018

Putting Light Into Your Watercolours

5 day Winter School - Bathurst

This five day watercolour workshop will focus in light effects in watercolour painting. Light is usually the driving force to paint any subject. The workshop is designed to look closely at the subtle effects of light falling on an object and the landscape. We will also pull together the components of a painting regards composition, such as how to utilise rules based on the Golden Section and focal point placement.

The workshop will cover a variety of subject matter, and include subjects at different times of the day to allow a variety of sunlight and weather conditions. We will paint skies, water, reflections, birds, boats, trees, figures to populate your paintings and an old building. The mornings will be a mixture of explanation, step by step demonstration and exercises. In the afternoon we will put all into practise and complete a painting based on a step by step demonstration with plenty of individual attention. We will have one afternoon out and about sketching (and a coffee), nothing too onerous.

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