'Go with the Flow' - Watercolour New Zealand Weekend Workshop Class

18–19 August 2018

Watercolour is the most versatile of all the mediums. Beautiful light effects and flowing washes are achieved by loose and bold brush strokes and a good knowledge of control of pigment and water.

Come and brush up on your skills using a variety of subjects: a wet street scene including figures and cars and natural landscape. Jacky will demonstrate techniques step by step and give you plenty of time to practice. Generally you will paint a full painting each day with build-up exercises each morning.

Dates: 18–19 August 2018, 9:30am–5:00pm
Venue: Karori Arts Centre, 7 Beauchamp Street, Karori, Wellington
Level: Intermediate to experienced
Fee: $175


'Go with the Flow' Jacky Pearson’s Workshop

Fabulous!.. The best word I can think of right now to describe this workshop. A dictionary definition of fabulous is ‘extremely pleasing’ and it really was a weekend of extremely pleasing watercolour tuition and practice resulting in both a completed landscape and a street scene together with a host of advice about colour mixing and techniques.

A lot of ground was covered, including the use of the ‘Golden Mean’ rather than the ‘Rule of Thirds’ when placing the focal point(s) in a composition and the focus of achieving a successful wash ‘flowed’ around the juggling of ‘water, pigment, timing & gravity’.

Jacky’s natural teaching ability enabled everyone to gain much during these two days and to advance
their individual artistic skills whether a beginner, intermediate painter or the more experienced watercolour artist.

Stephen Gilliver
August 2018

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