Watercolour Classes Equipment List

Student or Artist Quality TUBE Paint 14/15ml size
(if you only have pan paints you will be unable to make the full range of tones)

Preferred colours and/or your usual palette colours, below is only a suggestion:

1. eg. Saunders, Langton, Arches, Fabriano or student eg.Bockingford, rough or NOT 300gms.
Sold loose (full sheet) 76x56cm or in gummed blocks or pads (A3 ). We will get through a couple of A3’s or equivalent- half the full sheet per day and you can paint on either side for economy.

Careful with old paper it can go mottled. If you have old paper, 2 years+ test it out with water and reject if it is like blotting paper.

2. Sketch pad or note pad

Large and medium pointed (pref.soft hair with a point eg squirrel or synthetic squirrel, my favourite is a No 4 Casaneo, Da Vinci brush) a synthetic med and small pointed detail brush and a small (1- 0.5cm) flat stiff synthetic brush. Photo of my brushes on my website under Equipment

Palette - a decent size for mixing large washes

Art Board
large enough to take at least A3 size

Spray Bottle- optional eg small empty from home

Masking Tape – you don’t need to stretch your paper.

Water Container studio- large (at least 1 lt) outdoors small jar eg 500ml

Pencil ( B or 2B) and Eraser (preferably neadable )

Box of tissues or rag/old towel and a small piece of flat kitchen sponge

Camera/ipad please feel free to photograph demos and teaching sheets

This is only a suggestion list intended as the basic requirements but feel free to bring what you usually use.

Queries: ring me on 00 64 (0) 6 370 2440 or email me for more details.

All Images Copyright © Jacky Pearson,
All Rights Reserved.